quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2017

(Esta postagem é especialmente para as pessoas dos Estados Unidos)
(This post is especially for people from the United States)

I'm glad that some people who were interested have appeared.
But I still need voices to dub.

But now I've decided one thing. Now I want more voice actors for this short, to voice any character.
I want this project to be done in a team.

Voices for the girls
Babs Bunny               Fifi la Fume
Shirley the Loon        Sweetie Bird

But the characters that I wanna dub is
Buster Bunny            Hamton Pig
Montana Max            Furrball

About Plucky Duck, a person is already interested; I'm waiting for answers.

But it has to be someone who knows how to interpret the character well.

Whoever is interested, contact me.

E-mail: joao_pp_10@hotmail.com
Google+: joaopedropereiradeaquino@gmail.com
Twitter: @JP_Criacoes

If anyone can help, spread this news. ASAP.